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Here are examples of amazing commercial, residential, and industrial garage door installation and replacement services done by Kraus Garage in the New Jersey area.

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A well-made garage door replacement project executed by the Kraus Garage crew in New Orange, Essex County New Jersey. 

This 1943 home in East Orange, NJ received a garage door installation with a Wayne Dalton 9700 steel carriage-style garage door.

The carriage house-style garage door : A new Jersey Classic

Why do they call them carriage-style garage doors?

Before cars were invented:  People used to travel in different places via horses, wagons, and carriages. The four wheeled passenger vehicles pulled by two or more horses. 
The carriage house-style door was used before the 19th century and previously to offer homes and typically barns a door that would open widely enough to fit in a carriage. 

Carriage house Garage Door with windows

The carriage garage door: The Wayne Dalton door is a serious overhead house garage door of superior quality that creates a feeling of security, power, and elegance. It combines the practical aspects of overhead garage door maintenance, durability, quality, and silence.

A carriage door is a perfect choice for any traditional home, offering a twist of elegance and making it a head-turning garage door for 2024.


The carriage-style house garage door is an elegant, strong, and good-looking.

What is a carriage house-style garage door for?

The carriage house garage door color : Black or White carriage house garage Doors can come in various colors. 

The carriage house garage door materials : In can come in steel, aluminum, and wood. 

Carriage garage door price IN nEW jERSEY

Is the steel carriage garage door worth it? 

It is a cost-efficient, affordable garage door with premium features and an amazing look.

Carriage Garage Door Installation in New Jersey

Installing a carriage house garage door by yourself (DIY) can cause you big headaches.

There are many safety precautions and procedures before and after the installation. 

Depending on the garage door model, you will need some electronic experience and knowledge with springs and cables. 

Also, the know-how to put together the numerous parts and hardware, such as garage door locks, pulleys, and screws, and the remote control garage door opener.

Best CARRIAGE Garage door installer in New Jersey

Installing a new carriage door opener can be done by Kraus Garage garage door expert installers in New Jersey.
We provide great garage installation services, for low prices for your remote access to the garage.

In Morristown and New Jersey areas, we are known as the best local technicians and will ensure that your garage doors operate seamlessly. 

The best repairmen in New Jersey 

We are a trusted pillar offering top-notch excellence as NJ carriage door installation and repairmen professionals.


Carriage house garage door hardware in New Jersey.

1. Carriage garage door hinges 

2. Carriage garage door gate hinges 

3. Carriage garage door sliding door Hardware

4. Carriage garage door opener parts, springs, cables and more 

5.  Carriage garage door remote control 

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This was a beautiful transformation from a 1930’s old New Jersey garage’s sliding barn doors to a modern, fully automated triple garage door.

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New construction double garage doors in Morristown NJ are three-panel overhead wood doors with a side opener. 

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Single Car Garage door conversion from a California door (swings up) to a new modern garage door by Hormann.

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